Does the idea of mentoring make you . . .

When you hear the word “mentoring,” does it make you . . .

. . . cringe?

. . . feel insecure?

. . . wish you had one?

. . . wish you knew how to mentor?

It’s amazing how one word, like mentor, can carry so much emotion.

And imagine, if that one word could carry a whole new meaning, like “Mentoring biblically is about following Christ distinctly.”


Mentoring Biblically is about Following Christ Distinctly

Even though I’ve spent years mentoring teenagers and younger women, along with writing how to simplify the whole mentoring process, I still have my moments when the mentor word makes me want to cringe. Even though I know its about following Christ distinctly! So that why I’m sharing about that story and a few mindset-shifting ideas over at The M.O.M. Initiative.  Come swing by here . . . you’ll be encouraged and inspired to embrace the idea of mentoring in your life.

If you’re visiting for the first time, welcome!

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