Praying the Hard Prayers

From the time she was able to speak, her opinions on life where black-and-white, right and wrong, good and bad. In many ways, she reminded me of a Pharisee who’d yet to encounter the fullness of God’s grace. She was a rules girl, bent on staying within the safety zone, both in terms of our parenting and in light of what she knew of the Bible. It made being her mom pretty easy, but also secretly heartbreaking.

Yes, she might always be the good girl. That was alarming for me, a recovering good girl — minus those ten years of wounded-rebellion — who still struggles to process life in light of God’s grace, mercy, and sanctifying power.

So that’s why I began praying the hard prayers.

You can read more about this story at  Mothers of Daughters, but before you go, feel free to make this prayer below your own for you daughters and your sons.
A Prayer
Lord Jesus, I lift up to you our daughters and sons. Lord, you know what they are going through. You know why their hearts may be stirred up with anger and bitterness, sadness and regret. I ask you Lord, to break through the hurt and wounds, the insecurities and fears, with your truth, love, and amazing grace.

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Father, please do not let the enemy have a foothold on our babes. Set them free from the enemy’s stronghold and tactics, those wicked lies, times of isolation, and covering of darkness.

Set them free, Oh Lord, for your glory and goodness and eternal purposes. May our children feel your light shining upon them today, and may that give them the hope and desire to step toward you. Give our precious offspring the courage to ask for help. Give them the confidence to turn toward us, their moms, for support. Give them all that they need in Christ Jesus to emerge from this oppression — and may they see how you make redemptive beauty from the ashes sprinkled in their lives.

God, I ask you for an immeasurable amount of grace and hope to be poured out on not only on our children, but also on us.

Give us the ability to trust you with the unknown and to surrender our limitations, weaknesses, and insecurities to you. May we know your presence today, Lord, and see your work — even a glimmer of it — in the lives of our children. Renew our strength. Restore our hope. And do not let the enemy have a moment of victory in our lives. We are victorious in you, Oh Lord, as we face this day in light of your truth and abundant mercy.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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