Embracing a New Definition of Beauty

This topic of beauty seems to never wane.

It’s in our face every. single. day.

Even if we want to get away from it, the media and culture is obsessed with what beauty is and how it should. Even the latest debut of the “New” Barbie created by Artist Nickolay Lamm in reaction to the debate over the proportions of Barbie being totally skewed, brings the definition of beauty into discussion.

Is beauty perfect proportions?

Is beauty a healthy, athletic build?

Is beauty thighs with gap or thighs that touch?

We battle over which doll represents normalcy when we should be more concerned our Maker’s design concerning our beauty.

And we find ourselves consumed with questions and doubts about what we should do with the way He made us, wondering if it is good enough or should it be tweaked.

Is beauty long, straight hair with highlights or curly, messy bun up-do?

Is beauty found in a Pinterest-perfect, designer brand outfit or a social justice minded purchase?

Is beauty being able to apply the latest make-up trend or forego it all for an au natural look?

It’s not just body type and attributes that challenge our culturally-imposed definitions of beauty. It’s what we’ve secretly think about beauty that matters most, and that’s often been a result of what has been said to us personally — sometimes with love and in truth, and too often through foolish words spoken without care.

Even though we’ve been writing about the definition of beauty and providing resources on the topic since the beginning of More to Be, it continues to be a pressing issue this generation of girls are facing on a daily basis. Their “Instagram Rating” system doesn’t help of course, never mind what’s happening in SnapChat (check out our Facebook page for the most current articles around the web on this topic). So, it’s time to revisit the definition of beauty through soaking in the original series on the topic over at MothersofDaughters.com, in the first of a three part series that will take us through the new year.


Redefining Beauty

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