Gifts for Your Girls

Christmas Gifts for Girls

When it comes to grabbing gifts for our girls, which camp of thought do you fall into?

A.  It must be meaningful!

B.  It must be practical!

C.  It has to be a surprise!

D.  Give me a list or give me . . .

E.   All of the above!

F.  I hate to shop so show me how to get it over with fast!

I’m probably and “all of the above” type of shopper when it comes to picking out gifts for my girls. I love offering a blessing wrapped up in a pretty bow or surprise adventure, and yet I can be all about the practical, too. When I was a teen, my mom used to buy our gifts with us and then tuck them away until the holiday. There was no element of surprise, but I loved each gift all the same. Of course, she started doing that because I think she knew I would sneak into her gift stash to find out what I was getting anyways. Did you do that as a teen, too?

So, in effort to come up with meaningful, practical, and thoughtful gifts for your girls that will bless their socks right off, we give you the second edition of the Gifts for Girls Guide (check out the first one here).


Stitch Fix Clothing & Accessories • Gift Certificate

For only $25, Stitch Fix will send you a box filled with clothing and accessories especially pick out according to your profile. If you choose what you want to keep and send back the rest. The fee is applied to your order total and you only pay for what you keep. This would make a great gift for teen or twenty-something. Just be sure to budget more than $25 so that you gift can cover the additional cost of any purchases.



Stitch Fix for Christmas



Cents of Style

Want to know what is most often missing from my closet?  My scarves!  That’s because my girls grab them while I’m still asleep, and one of their favorites is my Chevron scarf from Cents of Style!  These are lightweight and not too bulky, so they are perfect for a petite girl, too!

Cents of Style



Armed with Truth

Armed with Truth offers Scripture themed packs of temporary tattoos, perfect for using on your forearm or even the top of a foot. How neat is that! Great for Scripture memory, too!



Dayspring Delights

What I love about Dayspring is the way they incorporate Scripture truths into every piece, from jewelry to notebooks to coffee mugs. Definitely browse the whole site and make be sure to look at my new favorite line, the Everlasting Light Jewelry Collection!


I have a heart for Akola because it’s an organization started by a young woman I knew way back when she was a teen figuring out life. The Lord grabbed hold of Brittany in college and through a short-term missions experience, inspired her to create an organization that provides sustainable jobs for women in Uganda.




More to  Be at Zazzle

How about an item from that inspires truth living in becoming more bright, more beautiful, more like Jesus?


World Vision

If you’re daughter already has everything she needs, what about giving a gift in her honor to make a difference in another young girl’s life. World Vision offers a gift catalog with variety of contribution levels. When you pick a gift, a card is sent detailing that gift item to the person in whose honor it has been made.



World Vision



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