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There have been seasons in my life in which if feels as though God lays on me a particular message — a theme by which I am suppose to concentrate on living out a lesson and embrace a biblical truth. At times, these themes form my “one word” focus, but there are other times that these theme words come and go throughout particular times of trials and challenges.

At the brink of learning about a friend’s battle with cancer, God was putting it on my heart to learn how to praise Him in the moment. There couldn’t have been a time in which that lesson would have been harder to learn, and yet I look back and see how God took me step by step through that season and showed me how to sincerely praise Him even when circumstances were awful.

There was another season, right before More to Be was launched, in which God asked me to lay everything down concerning ministry. Every single pursuit, online and off was put on hold, while God led me through a process of learning how to live from the overflow of Him working in my life. Rather than doing ministry for Him, I was learning how share the ministry with others out of what He was doing in me.

Arise and Shine

Lessons in Seasons

As I approached the beginning of 2014,  I returned to my routine of asking the Lord for my theme word for 2014 — yes, I do this sort of thing every year and you can join me in it using the Equipped resource for teens and this one for women. It seemed so clear at the time that my word should be “wait,” and I was certain this would be a year of waiting on God for so many things. What I didn’t know then that I do know now is that waiting wasn’t what I thought it would be.

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And, in the waiting, there have been so many other lessons:

I’ve learned afresh what it means to “Shine” His light in the darkness and challenge the next generation with that message.

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I’ve embraced what it means to be “Chosen” by God in my fight against a lifetime of  insecurity.

I’ve accepted the challenge to become “Fearless” in the face of uncertainty and say yes to the wildly obedient things God is calling me to do.

In this year of waiting, I’ve been doing more learning about the Lord and His truth than ever before. It feels like drinking from a fire-hose, as God douses me with truth after truth that I’m meant to live out daily.

I confess, though, that it’s hard to be under so much conviction and walk out the calling from within my soul. That’s why I have this little habit of putting prominent reminders of these lessons every where I turn.


Reminders to Shine Bright

On a little chalkboard hanging on my fireplace, I wrote down the word “wait” back in January and it’s hung there ever since. Above it is the photo I received as a gift years ago, with the words “My cup overflows” reminding me to let God have a first priority in my life so that He will overflow from me onto others.  For my birthday, my husband gave me a bracelet with the word “Chosen” imprinted into the band, and each time I wrap it around my wrist, I remember to find my security in knowing I’ve been chosen by the God of the Universe.

Reminders like these are all over my home, and on my wrist, just not tattooed. Some of them I buy. Some are gifts. And others are just scribbled out on post-it notes and put in my “to do” list binder or tacked onto my desk.  I even have a screensaver on my computer that’s a graphic of the latest lesson from the Lord, which I haven’t even shared about yet.


Because We Forget

This way of living might sound crazy to you, but I think the Scriptures point to making reminders of God’s Word and His promises to us prevalent in our daily living.  In Deuteronomy 6, the Lord instructs the Israelites to not only receive His commands but to remember them and teach them. He goes so far to say, “Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy 6:8-9 NIV). We need these visible reminders of God’s instructions is because we forget.

We forget the commands of God.

We forget His promises. 

We forget the lessons we lived and learned.

We forget to teach the next generation about the ways of the Lord.

We forget.

I forget. All the time. So this is why I make the time to place reminders of God’s Word throughout my home, and on my body, so that I will be prompted to turn my heart back toward His and to guide my children in His way, too.


Lessons to Remember

Do you feel like you need to place reminders of God’s Truth throughout your life, too? Do you want to bless those you love, especially your girls, with gifts marked with the Truth? Read on, then, because we’re hosting a special giveaway along with offering our Shine Bright resources free to our tribe! If you want to be intentional about spreading the Word through out your home, and giving it as gifts to the girls you love, then I highly recommend the Everlasting Light Collection from Dayspring.

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I’m so thankful for the opportunity to look at this collection firsthand. At the Declare Conference, I won this shine bright bracelet! It is absolutely charming — simple, elegant, and a poignant daily reminder that would be perfect for a tween, teen or twenty-something.

Shine Bright

I also received this beautiful piece from Dayspring! What I love most about this mirror is how it takes up residence in our main gathering room, reminding our family of the mission to shine the bright light of Christ to each other and to all who gather here. 

Shine Bright mirror

Which pieces from the Everlasting Light Collection are most enticing to you? Maybe that’s the piece you could purchase if you win the $50 coupon offered by Dayspring!

Win a $50 Coupon

Win a $50 Coupon to the Everlasting Light Collection

Dayspring has graciously provided a $50 Coupon toward the Everlasting Light Collection, so be sure to enter the giveaway below. The contest ends on November 14th.

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Shine Bright Button

Grab the Shine Bright Devotional Study for FREE

In honor of Dayspring’s release of the Everlasting Light Collection, we’d love to give you our Shine Bright Devotional Study for FREE (available through November 16th)! All you have to do is subscribe to More to Be using the form below. If you’re already a part of our tribe, look for the link in the weekly Wednesday email. If you’re joining us for the first time, the link will be in your the email confirmation of your subscription. We’re so glad to have you join our community and look forward delivering encouragement to your inbox weekly plus a monthly newsletter!


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