Merry Christmas, Sisters!

Merry Christmas

No matter what you unwrap on this Christmas day, no matter what gift was overlooked or under-considered, know this truth:  The gift that matters most, the one that will make the greatest impact on your life, has already be given to you.

A wonderful counselor . . . Our mighty God

 . . . An everlasting Father . . . Our Prince of Peace . . .

He is the gift to open today and each day until eternity.


He is the gift that promises you will never be alone, for He is your wonderful counselor and faithful guide.

He is the promise that you are never without strength or protection, for your mighty God goes before you and behind you and all around you.

He is the fullness of love, the kind the comes through your Father in Heaven who promises you an everlasting love.

He is the one who makes you royalty as the heir of the Prince of Peace.


Yes, the Christ Child, your Savior, Redeemer, Rescuer, and Friend, is the gift to unwrap this Christmas and until eternity.

Merry Christmas, Sister.

Our team is praying for you to know the greatest gift, Jesus Christ, and the fullness of life that comes from our Great and Holy God.

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