Redefining Beauty: It Starts with Us

For years I wondered how I could get through these beautiful girls I mentor and now, as a mom, I wonder it about my own girls. What could I say or do to enable them to see their worth in Christ and their incredible God-given beauty?

Well, I wasn’t thrilled with the answer I found looking at me in the mirror.

mothers_daughters student

It was most definitely one of the hardest life lessons for me to embrace, but worth every bit of effort it has taken to redefining beauty . . . aka . . . redefine identity.

Come join me at as I share what I’ve learned in Part 3 in the Redefining Beauty series.

Moms, are you willing to join the movement of redefining beauty with your daughters today? 

May I challenge you to make the most of the Redefining Beauty resources by going through them with your daughters and even their friends.  There is no time like the present to step into significant mentoring roles with the next generation.  They don’t need perfect Christian women.

They simply need you, with a willing and humble heart, committed to sharing relevant truth as you depend on Christ to accomplish His work in you, through you, and for them. 


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