4 Rules for Parenting I Won’t Stop Using


I’ve always said, “I wish there was a rule book for parenting.” Of course, if there was one, I’d probably not following it closely enough to benefit from its instruction. Like the way I handle a recipe, I’m pretty good at getting together the ingredients and setting the oven at the right temperature, but when I start putting it all together, I tend to not read the fine print and go offer on a “little bit of this” and a “little bit of that” direction.

I suspect, I’d do the same with a parenting rule book. However, I know for sure, after fifteen years of parenting, that there are a few “rules” I’m passionate about adhering to. They are ingrained in how I approach my role as a mom. And they are most certainly inspired by Scripture, with  a few have been passed onto me from older, wiser parents who’ve seen the impact of these particular rules.  Four Parenting Rules

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