{Week 1} TWOgether: Before We Get to THE Guy

Hi! I’m Lynn, the author of Magnetic. Lisa and I are so excited for you to be joining us over the next 6 weeks as we go through Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants. What a great opportunity to grow closer to each other while grow more like Jesus!

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They can be so complicated. One day they flirt with you; the next you’re invisible. What do they want? In school, I felt like I just couldn’t figure it out. One guy seemed to like my runner self while another paid more attention when I wore tons of make-up. The guy I dated my senior year wanted to play tennis every date, while another thought sweat was gross.

What’s a girl to do? Who are you supposed to become?

Once again, Jesus makes the confusion clear. Giving us the confidence we need to stop switching it up daily, He clarifies what a truly attractive girl looks like.

But before we check out what Jesus has to say, check out what these guys have to say.

When I was writing Magnetic I interviewed a lot of guys. I found their perspective so interesting. Asking all kinds of questions to try to get into their minds, I learned a lot of things I thought you would like to know. So after 6 hours of video interviews, here the 6 minute abbreviated version:

Click here to watch What a Guy Wants Video

Take Time to Talk

If you want to talk a little bit about the guys before we talk about The Guy, here are questions to get a conversation rolling:

1. Why do you think Chip said the most important thing is for a girl to be “light hearted”?

2. Why would “talking life too seriously” be a turn off for a guy?

3. Chip said, “Happiness is fleeting”. Is it possible to make it stay?

4. “I like a girl who can grow with me and not for me.” What do you think Zack meant by this statement?

5. Do you feel like Brandon was being realistic or looking for a way out when he said a girl should show “real patience” when a guy messes up?

6. Is Brandon looking for too much when he says he’s looking for a girl that won’t react?

7. Andrew commented that he was not attracted to a girl who shows disrespect to her parents? What do you think he is seeing in her when he sees disrespect?

8. Why does Andrew make a big deal out of something so common as talking behind someone’s back?

9. Do you think a girl willing to gossip about other girls is an indication she might gossip or be unfaithful to her guy?

10. Tyler said, “managing them-self” was important to him. He didn’t really say why. Why do you think he finds that cool?

11. Erick starts out saying, “when I look back on my past relationships…” Is it really fair to use your past dating experiences as a measurement going into future relationships?

12. Erick also said he wanted a girl to love Christ with all of her heart and soul. Why did he say this was important?

“If she loves Jesus first, all else will flow out of that”. Is Erick putting too much emphasis on a girl’s relationship with God? Is the word “all else” too strong?

13. Why do you think and feel she has to know she’s loved by God to love him?14. Luke said a girl shouldn’t base her beauty on what a guy has said about her. Is this possible?

15. “If a guy’s heart is right they really care about a girl’s passion for the Lord and their security in their own beauty” Luke said. Why would these two factors be important to a guy “with his heart in the right place”?

16. Have you ever thought guys were attracted to the girls who acted needy or weak?

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Download these Discussion Questions

As you can see, different guys find different things attractive. Girly girl, gutsy girl. If you try to change for each guy you’re attracted to . . . who knows who you’ll become!

Jesus gives us the list of traits, the ones I call the “captivating characteristics” and the Bible calls the fruit of the Spirit that are attractive to everyone! Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Traits that never go out of style and can get better as you grow older. They can make every girl and woman beautiful!

When we lean into God, allowing Him to form in us these captivating characteristics, He provides all we need to reach our fullest potential – for you to become the best you you can be!

This girl, this woman, first of all glorifies God – draws attention to Him and pleases Him. A secondary benefit is this girl becomes attractive to the right type of guy; a guy like you who shares your priorities and passions for Christ.

So this week, let’s dig into our first two magnetic qualities – love and joy – and start becoming the girl the He wants!



Week 1: Chapter 1 : Before We Get to THE Guy

Week 2: Chapters 2 & 3: Love & Joy

Week 3: Chapters 4 & 5: Peace & Patience

Week 4: Chapters 6 & 7: Kindness & Goodness

Week 5: Chapters 8 & 9: Faithfulness & Gentleness

Week 6: Chapters 10 & 11: Self-control and wrap up

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  1. I’m so excited to be doing Magnetic with you! I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about the book and the discussions you are having together. God is going to do some great things in our relationships with each other & Him!

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