{Week 6} TWOgether: What do you think?



Can you believe we’ve reached our final week together! I hope that you haven’t missed a single chapter, but if you did, it’s ok! Just go back and pick up where you left off. The great thing about Magnetic is each chapter and can be read by all by itself.

Before you read chapter 10, you might not have given any thought to your thoughts. I mean they are just there! Often, before you even realize it, you’ve been thinking about it or him for several minutes. Suddenly, your mom asks you a question or your teacher calls on you in school and you snap out of it.


What do you think about what you think?

What do you think about how you think?

Do you think you can control your thoughts?

I’ve noticed something in my life. I can’t seem to control an initial thought that pops in my head. A thought like she is so mean just seems to show up sometimes! What I can control is what I do with that thought by deciding where I go next with it. I can either let my brain expound and wonder what her problem is? Does she think she is that much better than every one else? Well, she’s not. What she is, is annoying! At least that seems to be the natural direction my brain might take.

My other option? My I-really-want-to-become-a-truly-attractive-girl option?

Cut it off as I recognize the thought for what it really is: Ugly.

Only then can I stop my brain from going any further. Easy? No way! In fact, sometimes when my mind gets going really fast, there is only one way to stop it.


I stop right then and there and pray. It might mean I pray for whoever I am thinking bad thoughts about, but more times than not, it means I have to pray for me. I have to ask God to change me . . . to change my heart. Make me loving, kind and good, because the more I become like Him the less my brain will go where I don’t want it to go.

Friend, if you’ll start training your brain now, there is no stopping you. No stopping just how beautiful you can become.

I sure have enjoyed this time with you. Let’s not stop, okay? We can keep connecting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and of course, my website. You’ll find me at LynnCowell.com!

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