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Do you struggle with feeling like you’re never enough?

Do you feel like you’re the one that doesn’t ever fit in or does not belong?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever be good enough?

It doesn’t matter if we’re a tween or teen, twenty-something or forty-something — this issue of feeling like we don’t fit in or that we’re not good enough plagues all of us. But imagine if there was a way to get around the “I’m never enough” mentality so that we could start living this life God gave us with confidence and joy.

What if we stopped trying to please everyone and fit into shoes that don’t belong to us?

What if we began living this life with full assurance that we are already enough because we’ve been chosen by the Most High God, who loves us and set us apart for a life of purpose?

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.07.05 AM[Tweet “Friend, the God of the universe made us and chose us to be His own, so what would happen if we believed this truth?”]

That’s what this resource, Already Enough Because You’re Chosen is all about. Drawing upon the truths found in John 15, this short study uncovers not only how we’re chosen by God to bear fruit and the blessing that will be in our lives, but also looks at the obstacles we’ll face followers of Christ. In addition, we go a step further by looking at what it means to live a chosen life in three areas that matter most to tween and teen girls:

  1. Friendship . . . the importance of healthy friendships.
  2. Guys . . . long term vision while living as an already chosen girl.
  3. Style . . . how to dress as one who is chosen and valuable.

Already Enough {Because You’re Chosen} combines identity-rich Scripture truths with every-day living application.

It’s a great tool to use with tweens and teens either one-on-one or in a mentoring group setting. The first download includes a few application questions at the end. If you want to go deeper, the second download offers a deeper study of John 15 with great discussion questions.

May this resource be the inspiration you need to walk out your identity as a chosen child of God.

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