Helping Our Girls Embrace Change

It’s that time again, when goodbyes are inevitable. Across the United States, the school year is drawing to a close and the summer months are about to burst open into a free-for-all of vacations and lazy days, summer school (for some less than excited folks) and summer jobs.

In this time of ending and new beginnings that is both anticipated and unavoidable, there is much going on beneath the surface in our tweens and teens, and maybe even us too.

The emotional roller coaster we’re forced to ride can be exhausting and overwhelming, depending upon the severity of the departures and the fear of the future.

Helping Our Girls Embrace Change

Our family is in the midst of such a time as we relocate after 18 years of being rooted in the same community. In the anticipation of our leaving, there is much grieving happening, while also excitement at watching God’s leading unfold. Because this process is unfamiliar and yet unavoidable, I’m all the more sensitive to the fact that each one of us handles the process of change differently. There will be tears and anger, joy and fear, regret and hope—from moment to moment and day to day.

So that leaves me wondering, how do we leave and grieve well?

Join me over at Mothers of Daughters where I tackle this question and give you a framework for helping your girls face times of change.

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