Is fear your thing?

I’ve been afraid ever since I can remember. Afraid of failing. Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of being rejected. Afraid of not being enough.

Afraid, plain and simple.

As I’ve watched my sister care for her new baby, I’ve been flooded with memories of the heavy load of fear that has weighed down my life, especially when I was in her shoes almost sixteen years ago.

Has your mothering journey been marred by fear? The common thread of fear can control us, even when our heart's desire is to walk by courageous faith. Don't let a focus on safety, security and risk prevention hold you back from experiencing and engaging in life giving and life changing opportunities. Are you ready to walk in freedom?

I was such a fearful momma.

Did my little girl eat enough? Was she gaining enough weight? Would she pass those milestone tests?

While I was busy worrying about the future of number 1, number 2 took us by surprise. Then I found myself fretting over their relationship, afraid about the sibling rivalry everyone talks about. Afraid they would one day rebel against our rules. Afraid I might mess them up.

Have you succumbed to these fears, too?

You’re not alone, momma. And you don’t need to stay afraid either.

Join me over at The Better Mom as I share
 my story in snipping the threads of fear.

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