Introducing the Embrace Your Life eCourse

Let me ask you a question . . .

Do you like your life today?


How do you really feel about how you’re living and where you’re heading?

Are you happy with the way things are going or would you like to make strides toward real life change?

More importantly, do you fee like you’re living out God’s best for your life?

Friend, it my desire to equip you to embrace your life today!

Embrace Your Life eCourse

There is no good reason to let one more moment pass without understanding your God-given uniqueness and purpose so that you can embrace this life He’s given you.

No, it’s not a perfect life. The Scriptures promise that you’ll face struggles and trials and challenges each and every day. But in the middle of it all there are blessings to be uncovered and opportunities to be embraced.

Yes, right in the middle of it all, you can uncover a brand new perspective and discover how to embrace your life today.

That’s what the Embrace eCourse is all about . . . providing you with a framework for seeing your life from a brand new vantage point. The course includes three 15 to 30 minute audio plus curriculum presentation video sessions (as in you’ll see the content being presented, not me speaking), which covers the following topics:

Embrace Session 1

Session 1: How are you wired?
Learning about yourself while also discovering how to connect better with others.


Embrace Session 2

Session 2: What do you value and believe?
Identifying your core values and beliefs to see how they motivate you in your priorities and purposes.


Embrace Session 3

Session 3: Where are you planted?
Discovering the ways God wants to use you to impact this world.



This eCourse is fuel for the soul and stretching for your mind, as you look at the specifics of your personality, spiritual gifting, learning style along with your core values, beliefs, and priorities. I’ll lay out the framework for why these aspects of the “whole” you is so important and give you examples for how this content is relevant and easy to apply.

So would you like to be able embrace your life today in a fresh and focused way?

To get access to the course, click the “add to cart” button to purchase via Paypal and get all three sessions of the Embrace Your Life eCourse for $14.95.

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If you have any questions about this course, don’t hesitate to ask. 

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