Strengthening Hearts of Faith in Our Daughters

Mighty Faith.

We all long for it. We all hope to see it. We all plan for it from the time our daughters are tiny. But how can we actually make it happen?

Let me share a few thoughts that may encourage you in the process of seeing your daughter grow into a mighty woman of faith.

stengthening the faith of our daughters

Step 1: Kindling Faith

It all begins in the heart and mind of God. His desire is for our daughters to grow into mighty women of faith. So the first place WE start is with GOD.

  • Are we intimately tied in to God’s love and grace?
  • Are we living lives surrendered to His will and strong in His joy?
  • Does His love motivate and guide us?

If we are not walking in the fullness of His grace and love (as much as we know how), then how can we even begin to hope that our daughters will?

[Tweet “The first step for us in building faith in our daughters is to make sure we are walking with God.”]

Why? Because we cannot strengthen in our daughters that which we are not living out in our own lives.

Let’s suppose that you are walking in a thriving relationship with the Lord; the next step is to help your daughter come to her own faith walk with Jesus.

In my family, we began by preaching (proclaiming) the gospel to our children a lot — probably about once a month, starting from when they were 6 months old. That might seem strange, but we wanted our children to hear the truth early and often. We never asked them to “pray and receive Jesus” because we didn’t want our children to feel pressured to pray a prayer in order to please us. We just spoke the gospel message every chance we had. We wanted them to hear truth and to let the Spirit work in their hearts to draw them to Himself.

From here it is a matter of actively living out our faith in a visible way for our children to see.

Step 2: Strengthening Faith

Helping our daughters to grow in their faith is a two-fold process.

[Tweet “The biggest and best thing we can do to strengthen faith in our daughters is to live our lives transparently.”]

Is this scary? You betcha! Is it necessary? Absolutely! We need to talk about our failures and fears, our successes and tears, our transformations and trepidations.

Sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking our faith is private. We say to ourselves “My faith is just between God and me.” There is a difference between PERSONAL and PRIVATE. Yes, my faith is personal. In the final analysis, it is just me standing before God on my own. But that isn’t the same thing as private.

Because my faith defines who I am and everything about my life, it should encompass everything in my life.

And it should also be openly talked about.

The more I share what God is teaching me — what verses He is using to train me, the sin He is convicting me of, and the way He is transforming my thinking — the more my children grow in their understanding of what this walk of faith is supposed to look like.

Living transparently is letting our children see the process — and showing them our trust in God in the middle of it. We so often think we need to have all the answers. But that is so wrong! It isn’t about what answers we have, it’s all about our knowing that God has all the answers.

[Tweet “It’s not about me having all the answers, but being confident that God does!”]

We help strengthen our daughters’ faith when we are absolutely faithful to point them back to Jesus! Our hope is in Him and He is the One who can see them through every trial and struggle along the way. Our daughters will have their pains, sorrows, trials, and hardships in their lives. The only way they can walk through them in victory is by walking hand-in-hand with Jesus. We should be the best example to them of how to do this with grace and joy. And we do it by showing them from our own lives.

The other part of helping to strengthen their faith is to encourage their questions.

In our post-modern age, the world denies that there are any absolute truths. Sometimes we try to combat that by squelching doubts or questions in our children. But, are we confident that God has the answers to all of our children’s questions? Then there is nothing to fear when they ask.

We must encourage their questions; let them know that God is big enough to handle them all.

Let’s open up our bibles with our girls and dive into the Word!

{The Engage Bible Study Series will help you accomplish this goal!}

Helping them learn HOW to find the answers is as important as knowing what the answers are. Our girls need to know the beauty and perfection of God’s Truth. We can help them best by helping them learn how to go to God to find that Truth!

Family discussions should be a common occurrence in our homes. Every topic on the news should enter into our family dialogues. How exactly should we respond to political debates? What should we think when Christians are thrust into the news? These are all the kinds of things we should be discussing as a family with our bibles opened wide. Let’s live out the example of being Bereans — those who were commended for searching out the truth of a matter in the Word of God.

Step 3: Prayer and Fasting

As moms, our lives should be devoted to praying and fasting for our children. {This tool will help!} Now I realize that years of pregnancy and nursing will not allow for whole-day fasting. But there are other ways of fasting besides cutting out all food. The bottom line is, a regular pattern of sacrificial praying for our children has more spiritual impact than we can ever begin to imagine!

If we are really serious for our children to grow strong in their faith, we need to undergird them with the support of a lifetime of prayer.


I’d love to hear the things you have done that have had a powerful impact on your daughters’ spiritual strength!

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