Pray So You Can See

For some reason, teenagers feel the most vulnerable around the same time their mommas are ready to go to bed. Like clockwork, that’s when their hearts begin to bubble up with honest emotions and they are finally ready to talk.

My girl definitely needed to talk, as tears streamed down her face shortly after I said I was going to head to bed. The Holy Spirit forced me into a u-turn as I sat down next to her at the table. She began to describe something that happened to her early that day at school. It was so hard to parse out the facts as her tears gushed from her heart.

Was it really that malicious or was she misinterpreting the intent?

Was her pain isolated to this one incident or was there a ruptured wound from the past?

Prayer isn't about the answer.

I don’t know about you, but when my girl is consumed with emotion, it makes it hard to think clearly. Thankfully, my life coach training kicks into gear and the habit of seeking the One who knows all takes overs. Through asking open-ended questions focusing on drawing out the Truth, the Lord will be the One to reveal His answers for the problem at hand.

Join me at to discover how praying gave me eyes to see God at work and how trust Him with my daughter was the best solution at hand.

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