What’s Your World?

Some how, some way, one whiny moment led to another. Discussions and negotiations became the norm instead of joyful obedience. Yes “mom” were empty words, as they never really responded to what I requested of them . . . especially cleaning their rooms.

Was it all because I didn’t follow through?

Was I too distracted? Maybe too worn down?

While I was on my A-game as a mom to my older girls, somehow . . . some way . . . my littles were were getting another experience all-together and missing out on the critical years of training. I suppose their sweet disposition, joyful temperaments, and all-around cute-as-a-button antics led to me be ever-so-slightly deceived that they didn’t need the training quite as much.

They were never met to be our trophy.

You and I both know that our kids need moms who are invested in parenting them in the details. We see the fruit and we know the cost if it’s neglected. I’m just grateful God gave me a good kick in the pants through a set of key circumstances to get focused again on what my kids need from me, even if they seem to be doing “just fine.” Will you join me over at The Better Mom as I share what I discovered? It’s a fresh vision and focus for us to embrace our responsibilities as moms.
Join me over at The Better Mom.

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