A Hope-Filled Chat on Life Change

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Are you in the midst of a life change that you never expected to come your way? Or do you find yourself in the aftermath of life being turned upside down? Maybe you sense it’s time to embrace life change from the inside out, because it’s not about your circumstances as much as it’s about your countenance.

Friend, no matter what season of change you find yourself in today, you’re not alone. 

God is there, waiting in your midst and able to carry you through every step. And, as your sisters in Christ who’ve walked through all sorts of change, we are here to encourage you with His hope and an eternal perspective. So how about getting cozy in your favorite chair and watch this prerecorded chat on life change? We pray you’ll walk away refreshed by God’s hope and truth weaving it’s way through our unscripted conversation.


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Sometimes we have to make choices that go against our feelings. We have to choose deliberately. @RachelWojo

We need to take that feeling, own it, and find the Truth of who God is in this moment? @ElisaPulliam

Romans 9:33 MSG . . . If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me on the way, not in the way. #theNEWyou

It might seem like change is in the road blocking contentment, but God is in the change. @Kristen_Strong

Even if this change wipes away this familiarity, God is the same. Jesus is the same. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. @Kristen_Strong

Can I ask you a question once asked of me: When are you going to get real with God? @ElisaPulliam

How about putting Truth statements into your reminder apps to go off every 2 hours?@CareyCBailey

In the midst of life change, you don’t feel it the Truth . . . you choose it. @ElisaPulliam@CareyCBailey @RachelWojo @Kristen_Strong

It’s about the permission to ache freely . . . don’t hide your feelings but go to God honestly. @RachelWojo

When we’re honest with God, it honors Him because we trust Him enough. @Kristen_Strong

Sometimes we just have to step back and ask for forgiveness. @CareyCBailey

What’s the key to embracing change? Becoming intentional about what we’re thinking to see if it’s true. @ElisaPulliam

If God is sending us to a new place, He’s sending us with a blessing. @Kristen_Strong

Change is not something to be feared or dreaded. It’s is next step. His next best.  @Kristen_Strong

Finding the strength to take that next best step happens through going to God in prayer and to His Word. @RachelWojo

God wants the best for us . . . and to show us how much He loves us. @RachelWojo

This process of change is not ours to do alone . . . we can do this through the power of God. @CareyCBailey

I had to admit that I didn’t know how to do it. I needed to depend on others coming alongside me. @ElisaPulliam

When God changes us, He changes the next generation. It’s the ripple effect. @ElisaPulliam

Thank you, God, that you’re in control even when we feel out of control. @ElisaPulliam

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