The Secret to Loving Others

I’m the type of person that approaches a problem one of two ways. Either I see the problem and believe I can overcome it, so I go for it with all my physical strength, emotional energy, and a pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. Or, I might see an obstacle or challenge through the lens of impossible and will refuse to give it even a half-hearted effort. As a matter of fact, I might run from it, fearing that if I stick around, someone might challenge me to face my fears of failure.

How do you face the problems in your life? What do you do with the seemingly impossible before you?

More importantly, how does your approach to problem-solving influence the way you approach your relationships, especially those that are supposed to be rooted in love? 

Oh yes, problem solving and love go hand-in-hand! 

Why? Because it’s utterly, absolutely, totally, and insanely impossible to love the way God calls us to do so in our own strength. No amount of preparation, perseverance, or positive affirmations can get us to love others the way God designed, if He’s not in the center of it. That’s because the love we’re supposed to extend to others is something that is intended to come from within us . . . from God dwelling in us.

It’s God’s love in us, overflowing and pouring forth, that fulfills His command to love one another.

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Loving Others Begins with God's Love

Before you to, download the Give Me Love resource from More to Be, which also includes a download of 30 Verses About Love — a great option for structuring your time in the Word by reading each verse in context over the next 30 days. You might also check out the 21 Day Meet the New You Bible reading plan on YouVersion.

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