Experience the Bible in a Creative Way {Giveaway}

Have you caught the creative journaling and coloring bug?

Would you count yourself a part of the illustrated faith movement?

Although I’m artistic and enjoy doodling, I’ve not been able to transition my creative side fully into Bible journalling. I think it’s because with every Bible I’ve tried to do it in, the colors bleed through the page and I hate “contaminating” the backside.  Yes, you’ll find a pile these beautiful Bibles that I’m too afraid to touch with markers. However, the newest version that arrived in my mailbox recently tempts me once again to get into Bible journaling as a way to slow down and meditate on the Word in a creative way. Let me introduce you to the NIV Beautiful Word Bible, published by Zondervan.

Meet the NIV Beautiful Word Bible from Zondervan

Featuring 500 illustrated verses and a single-column text format, the NIV Beautiful Word Bible has wide margins and blank spaces to journal or create art while Bible readers reflect on their own Scripture study. Pens, colored pencils, watercolor paints, stickers, tape and markers are all able to be used on the high quality, acid-free paper.

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With the adult coloring book trend on the upswing, coloring and creating this type of individual artistic expression provides a space to be stress-free and relaxed. As research also indicates, coloring and creating stimulates the brain, senses and creativity. Focusing on select Scripture passages can help readers recall portions of text that are important or meaningful, while enhancing quiet time.

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Tips For Bible Art Journaling

  1. Use the right pen: Look for a pen designed for Bible journaling to minimize bleed through and tears. There are many options in plenty of colors. Or, try your hand at colored pencils which make a great alternative to pens.
  2. Practice on scrap paper: Learn key factors like spacing and ink drying time before you make your mark on your Bible.
  3. Use back pages: When you get comfortable and want to move to Bible paper, try the pages in the back to help build confidence.
  4. Integrate Washi tape: Just a little tape under favorite verses and around the edge adds a lot of interest to the pages
  5. Peel and stick: You name it, there is a sticker for it. From letters and pictures, to shapes, ribbons, and designs. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to brighten your pages with stickers.
  6. Stencil and stamp: Just like stickers, there are endless options in these categories to enhance your Bible without having an art degree.
  7. Appreciate the paper: Use the translucency to your advantage by tracing your favorite images directly onto the Bible paper.
  8. Get inspired: Reflect on the designs found in NIV Beautiful Word Bible or your favorite verse art to help spark ideas.
  9. Don’t stress about mistakes: You will make them – learn and let go of perfection!


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Shanna Noel, owner of Illustrated Faith, illustratedfaith.com, is lead artist for this Bible. Her tips include:

  • Spend time with God – read a devotional, listen to worship music.
  • Pray about it – ask God to guide you
  • Write it down – what is God telling you?
  • Draw it – bring that big idea into the margins of your Bible
  • Date it – Date your entries as you will want to go back to those verses and reflect
  • Tab it – Use tables to see what themes you’ve covered
  • Forget the rules – Connect with God in the way that is most natural to you!

To learn move about the NIV Beautiful Word Bible, check out this video: https://youtu.be/M9njYLD7A1s

Don’t forget to enter the Sweepstakes at Christian Encouragement for Women Facebook page each weekend through May!

The NIV Beautiful Word Bible is available wherever books are sold!

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Meet the New You

 *Contest opened to US residents only. Ends March 31, 2016. NIV Beautiful Word Bible was provided for the purpose of review and a giveaway by Zondervan.

13 thoughts on “Experience the Bible in a Creative Way {Giveaway}”

  1. Would be a great encouragement to get back into the Word of God. I love doing creative arts and crafts projects, so this would be a fun way to learn and study and read and memorize God’s Word from the Bible.

  2. I have mixed feelings about Journaling Bibles. I have seen some that were inspiring, but I did not like some of the examples I saw that made it hard or impossible to read the Scripture. I think the Scripture is the most important part of the Bible and should not be obscured by drawings or anything.

    I would like to win this Bible because it sounds like I could be creative and still honor the Scripture.

  3. Love this! I’m just starting to try my hand at Bible journaling and it’s been such a blessing to be creative in a way that helps me focus on scripture as I design 🙂

  4. This new journaling Bible looks great! Looks like it has space to allow for plenty of creativity! I have a few of Shanna’s goodies from Illustrated Faith and this Bible would be great to use them in!

  5. I’d love to start bible journaling. I love the idea of using it for memorizing verses or parts of the bible that are standing out to me at different points in my life.

  6. I’ve never tried Bible Journaling, but I would like to try. Sounds like a great motivation to be consistently in the Word.

  7. I’ve always wanted to try Bible journaling, but my current Bibles all are too thin paper and have narrow margins. Thanks for the chance to win this one!

  8. I gave bible journaling a try and liked it. However, when my friend agreed to join me for bible study she needed a Bible and I gave her my journaling bible. If I win, this would be my replacement (and a beautiful one at that!).


  9. I love the coloring and creative aspect of this. I have been searching for the perfect one and I think that I have found it. I would love to be gifted with this amazing book!

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