Do you need to find margin space? Here’s a 3-Week Life Coaching Course to help you!

Would you agree that the margin space we crave feels lost to the demands upon us?

How do we push back on the responsibilities that feel so necessary, like work or ministry or even cultivating meaningful relationships? We need to work to pay the bills, don’t we?  We need to fix a meal to feed our bodies and go to church to feed our souls?  We need clean clothes, right, so the laundry can’t be totally neglected? It’s good to spend time investing in our loved ones, so should we push aside our chores? But when will that chore get done if we keep putting it off?

How do we say “no” to something that feels so necessary in order to find the space we need to breathe?

Even though I’ve been passionate about cultivating margin space in my life, devoting a chapter to what I’ve learned along the way in Meet the New You, I think I’ll always be growing in the ways I have to say “no” to the too much and “yes” to breathing space. It’s my nature to spin a dozen plates at once, but as I’ve said more than once, it’s what’s on those plates that needs careful evaluation and continual focus.

I make it a habit to go back to the basics when it comes to cultivating margin space in my life through honest reflection, prayerful evaluation, and authentic accountability, and now I’m excited to invite you to join me in this holy process.

Oh yes, it’s a life-giving, soul-refreshing endeavor in which I’ve seen God bear great fruit in time and time again. Are you ready to experience this breathing room for yourself too?

How to Find Margin Space

Join in a 3-Week Life Coaching Group

< Begins April 12 >

This life coaching group is designed to be a super short commitment, flexible enough to fit into your over-packed schedule, with the promise of long term rewards! By joining in, you’ll gain access to:

  • Closed Facebook Group in which you can check in at any time of day or night.
  • Weekly focus steps to guide you through the 3-step process of reflection, evaluation, and establishing solutions.
  • Biblical encouragement and prayer support.
  • Personal interaction plus video encouragement from life coach, Elisa Pulliam.
  • Exclusive resources to help you cultivate margin space.

Pick Your Package for this Group Coaching Experience

    The Personalized Package for $99 per person includes all of the above plus a private 60 minute coaching call (during normal business hours) or one hour’s worth of coaching support through Voxer with Elisa Pulliam on the topic of finding balance to be used before May 30, 2016 AND a bonus $50 off voucher for coaching services from with Elisa Pulliam.
    The Basic Package for $35 per person includes participation in the coaching group with a $25 off voucher for coaching services from

To register, complete this form and submit a non-refundable payment via PayPal using the button below. Once your form and payment is received, Elisa will be in touch with additional information. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Be sure to sign up before the group fills up! Registration deadline is April 11, 2016.

Pick Your Coaching Group Package


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