{Week 4} Meet the New You Book Club: Overcome Obstacles

If there is one theme about life transformation that continues to circle back around, it’s the truth that He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion (Philippians 1:6). He who began. . . He will bring it to completion. Ah, what hope and comfort there is in such a promise!

[Tweet “God’s not done. He’s still at work in us and through us.”]

Whether we feel like we’ve arrived on the other side of a major life transformation step (like overcoming years of anger) or finding ourselves battling the same thing again and again (hello insecurity, why can’t we ever part ways and say goodbye for good?), God’s still working in us, through us, and transforming us to be more like Him. Can I hear an AMEN, sister?!?

Even though God is working in us and through us, we still have to partner up with Him in the process of transformation.

It’s not a free ride, like on getting on the people-mover at the airport. We can’t just jump on to save ourselves the extra steps between gates. Oh no, God wants us exercising our muscles in the process as we put into place the Trap & Transform Principle (2 Corinthians 10:5). That’s what the entire process of transformation is about in Meet the New You, and it comes into play prominently in Phase 3 as we consider the types of obstacles we need to overcome. Yes, this is a sometimes messy process of unearthing the stinkin’ thinkin’ that permeates our thought life and influences our actions, while searching hard after the Truth to reshape our attitudes and actions. But it’s worth the reward of ending up on the other side of change.

[Tweet “Transformation may not be easy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be lonely. “]

Friend, we are so much better together. That’s exactly what my now good friend and fellow life coach, Carey Bailey, have come to discover since meeting at Allume in 2015. Ever since, we’ve not let the miles keep us apart as we’ve taken advantage of technology to connect our hearts. It was never our intention to become transformation buds, but our commitment to living out the Word has drawn us together as we “own up” to our stuff through our Voxer messages, texts, and phone calls. Before you think, “Well, that’s great for them,” let me challenge you by saying it’s actually great for all of us to pursue these types of friendships!

Whether we connect in real life or online friendship with other sisters in Christ, these relationships are a valuable part of the transformation process.

And it’s not as hard as you might think to connect, if you’re willing to face your insecurity fear (if you have one) and sacrifice a little bit of time to make it happen. Maybe you need some inspiration to get started? While I know you might be short on time, I encourage you to carve out 45 minutes to watch this video.

{watch here: https://youtu.be/J6YXPa0mLJo}

What began as a book club discussion quickly became a heart-to-heart conversation about growing in our faith and tackling the obstacles in our lives with the help of accountability relationships. So, go grab a load of laundry to fold and soak this up. Plus, you’ll get to find out how my new Bible reading plan is making all the difference in my Trap & Transformation lifestyle!


Bible Reading Plan


Highlights from Our Book Club Discussion 

Meet the New You Book Club: Week 4

Overcome Obstacles

Are you ready to finally get unstuck?

Well, this phase is going to help you pinpoint the various ways you might find your stuck in any given day, week, month or even lifetime, along with providing solutions to minimize times in those ruts in the future.

As you turn into this phase, you’ll be starting off with a thought-provoking look at how your core beliefs and core values are influence your decision-making and relationships.You’ll all be able to focus on bringing an end to the number one joy-stealer . . . comparison. Finally, you’ll dive into the root issues undermining your life, as you consider both the stronghold of unforgiveness and this little-talked about matter of idolatry.

Friends, this phase can be life-changing for you, if you choose to face these every-day obstacles with humility and a teachable heart.

With the foundation of Scriptures outlined in each day’s focus combined with the rich life coaching exercises, you’ll most certainly be on your way to meeting the new you.

MNY Book Study Schedule

Read & Apply

As you go deeper into Meet the New You,  pick the track that works for you in this season of life.

Track 1:  All In, All the Way

Read Days 11 -15 and answer the reflection questions.

Trap & Transform Exercises

  • Day 11:  Complete the Mental Makeover exercise.
  • Day 12:  Complete the Core Values exercise.
  • Day 13:  Complete the Comparison Trap exercise.
  • Day 14:  Complete the Idol Crushing exercise.
  • Day 15:  Complete the Walk in Forgiveness exercise.

Track 2:  Just the Basics

Read Days 11 -15, answer the Go Deeper questions, and complete the Trap & Transform exercises listed below.

Trap & Transform Exercises

  • After complete the reading for the week, choose one or two of the Trap & Transform exercises that you feel are most pressing in your journey of life change.

Track 3: Skimming this Time

Read Days 11 -15, but skip the Go Deeper Questions and Trap & Transform exercises

Discussion Questions

Jump into the discussion in#theNEWyou Community Facebook or leave a comment below with your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you.

  1. How often do you allow your emotions to trump the truth? What could you do to counteract this reaction?
  2. What core values did you inherit from your family of origin? Can you find Scriptures to support those values? If not, what Biblical values do you need to embrace while putting aside those inherited values?
  3. “You are a key part of a timeless story meant to reveal the glory of God.” How does this statement make you feel?
  4.  Is it possible that a good thing has turned idolatrous for you? Give examples and how you want to go about rectifying this problem.
  5. If you gave God all the hurts stored up in your heart — seeking His forgiveness for your own offenses and choosing to forgive those who have hurt you — how would your life be different?


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