What if you gave your daughter the wisdom you needed at her age?

Are you looking for a way to connect with your daughter intentionally, emotionally, spiritually, and practically?

Would you like a simple format for cultivating heart-to-heart conversations on a regular basis but not tied down to a time-consuming program?

Are you craving content that is deeply rooted in Scripture but not steeped in complex theology?

What if you gave your daughter the wisdom you needed at her age?

Well, I understand! As a mom of tween and teenage girls, I understand the desire to build a deeply connected relationship and invest in their soul-development as they prepare to launch into adulthood. That’s why I believe Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change is a perfect resource for using as a guide for intentional mother and daughter time. While this book is really an invitation for women, like you, to experience a fresh encounter with God by looking closely at their thoughts and actions through a biblical lens, it’s full of timeless principles and simple application steps for cultivating a life built on God-given priorities. Wouldn’t you agree that makes it a valuable resource to share with any young woman?

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  • Who doesn’t need to learn how to evaluate their time and carve out margin space for rest?
  • Aren’t today’s teens in desperate need of learning how to manage their time?
  • Who wouldn’t benefit from uncovering their God-given wiring, while considering how to use their strengths and weaknesses in a way that glorifies God?
  • Can’t you imagine the benefits of your daughter discovering how to identify the obstacles in her life that keep her from living out God’s best?
  • Wouldn’t it be beneficial for her to learn how to walk in forgiveness, crush the idols that threaten to take over her heart, and live for the approval of God alone?
  • Imagine the benefits of your girl learning how to have a quiet time with the Lord, maybe with each of you holding the other accountable?

I’m sure you’re thinking, just like I am as a mom of tween and teen girls, “Yes! Yes! This is what I want for them.” But you know, as well as I do, that shoving a book in your daughter’s hand isn’t going to cut it. Signing her up for a Bible study may not work either. However, inviting her to spend time with you, one-on-one, may accomplish the goal of mentoring her heart while giving her practical tools for her future.

Think of this opportunity much like how a flight attendant instructs the parents to put on their oxygen mask first before attending to their child. The first step is for you to grab a copy of Meet the New You (and request the free gifts too by emailing “gifts at elisapulliam dot com”)  and work through the content yourself. Then, you can plan a time to either do a traditional weekly study together, monthly mother-daughter dates, or a retreat weekend at home or away.

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In this journey, you become both the teacher and mentor, guiding your daughter through the key principles relevant for building her life as a godly woman.

The discussion questions and activity suggestions provided in this guide will give you the structure you need to bring the content to life as you customize it for your daughter’s age and maturity. Of course, if she wants to read the book, you can definitely get her a copy for her to dive into herself. The 8-week format provides that type of intentionality and would be great for a college age girl over a summer together.

Friend, if you know me personally, you’ll know my heart is for equipping women, like you, to experience life transformed by a fresh encounter with God for the sake of impacting the next generation.

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Don’t we all desire to give a legacy of faith to give our children?  That legacy begins when we make the changes in our personal lives, in our faith journey, that God is calling us to. And that legacy takes shape when we share from the overflow what God is doing in our lives.

I believe that what the next generation needs, besides Jesus and the Word of God, is our personal investment — especially as their moms.

We are irreplaceable to them. We bring to them an understanding of who they are and a desire for God’s best for their lives like no one else.

So I pray that this discussion guide provides the inspiration, encouragement, and direction for spending intentional time with your daughter as you share the overflow of your faith with her. I promise, it will be a priceless investment of your time, even if it in the moment it feels messy. Yes, you’ll face obstacles, fussing, and times of failure. The enemy of God will do anything to keep you from speaking truth into your girl’s life. Press on, sister. The goal is to win the prize for which Christ Jesus calls us heavenward, so set your sight on His purposes and join Him in His work as you mentor the heart of your daughter.

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