Why You Should Take a MOMent

The Take a MOMent mentoring and life coaching opportunity is all about helping mothers in all seasons and stages of life experience an unregrettable journey as a mother.

Through helping you pinpoint your God-given wiring in a biblically relevant way while responding to the needs of your children and yourself in this season of life, this mentoring and coaching service will enable you to embrace your motherhood responsibilities without losing yourself in the process.

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Motherhood is priceless. It is precious. It’s a privilege. But it’s also HARD. It’s stretching (hello stretch marks). It’s sanctifying. It’s sacrificial. And it requires a 100 percent investment of your heart, soul, and mind. But is that sustainable? Yes, I believe it is.

Becoming an unregretabble mom starts with admitting you need help, support, guidance, mentoring, and accountability.

And while it would be great to find all that in a community of friends or amongst women at church, sometimes seasons, stages, and circumstances makes us feel more isolated than drawn together. That’s were the Take a MOMent Mentoring and Coaching package becomes a priceless option for nurturing yourself as you seek to serve your children well.

Take a

Before I tell you about this mentoring and coaching opportunity, let me first tell you about why I’m passionate about offering this service. See, I’ve been at this motherhood thing for more than 17 years, plus add on another five for my years mentoring teens and caring for our spiritually adopted daughter.

Over the last two decades I’ve gleaned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t in mothering tots to teens to twenty-somethings.

Through mistakes, mishaps, and listening to the wisdom of others, I’ve discovered how to be an unregrettable mom — not perfect, but no longer living with regret at the end of every day. I’ve moved on from being an easily-triggered, angry and explosives momma, to one that knows how to walk in humility and speak life and love over my children. Not always, of courses. But more often than not. So I know that change is possible! And I’ve learned how to not lose myself nor my marriage in the process — glory be to God for accomplishing such a feat in my life.

Coming from a dysfunctional home didn’t set me up for success. But because of God’s transforming work, I’m an unregrettable mom learning to savor this moment of motherhood.

I want that for you too, and believe that with a little bit of mentoring plus coaching you can catch the vision for yourself. A short investment of your time to soak up biblically sound teaching and be challenged to seek God honestly, with a whole lot of grace and hope, may be exactly what you need to refuel and refocus in this season of motherhood.

Take a MOMent Personalized Mentoring plus Life Coaching for Moms in Every Stage and Season

What does it cost?

I know you’re likely short on time and on money, but hopefully you find these two options worth your investment. Each package includes worksheets and ongoing encouragement via email and/or voxer. You can space the sessions as close together or as far apart as you’d like, too. I recommend every two weeks for the best results!

Infuse Package • Three 45-Minute Mentoring Plus Coaching Sessions $195

  • Session 1: Gain Awareness & Consider Mission-minded Vision
  • Session 2: Evaluate Obstacles & Brainstorm Solutions
  • Session 3: Set Solution-Mind Goals & Accountability Checkpoints

Ignite Package • Five 45-Minute Mentoring Plus Coaching Sessions $335

  • Session 1: Gain Spiritual, Emotional, Physical Awareness
  • Session 2: Consider Mission-minded Vision for You Personally and for Your Mothering
  • Session 3: Evaluate Obstacles Keeping You from Realizing Your Vision
  • Session 4: Brainstorm Solutions for Growing Soul Strength and Becoming a Life-Giving Mother
  • Session 5: Set Solution-Mind Goals & Accountability Checkpoints

Of course, these the focus the sessions can be adjusted to accommodate right where you are in the MOMent. If there is a particular issue that you’d like to focus on, such as  reaching your teen daughter, parenting a toddler, managing your anger, exploring creativity, I’m more than happy to customize our time to meet your needs.

To set up a free consultation call to discuss how Take a MOMent mentoring and coaching will work for you, use the contact form below. 

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