One Simple Question to Help You Find Your Purpose

Have you ever paused long enough to consider what your heart breaks for? It’s a powerful question worth considering, because the answer often leads to a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and the ways you long to be used by God.

In other words, when you know what your heart breaks for you, you’ll find your purpose.

My heart breaks for so many things . . .  for those who’ve yet to know the Lord, for the overlooked, for the unseen . . . but the one thing my heart breaks over more than anything else is this:

My heart breaks for women who feel stuck, hopeless, and unable to change AND the way their lives lived apart from the transforming work of Christ is impacting the next generation. 

What does your passion-driven mission look like?

Where are you putting your time, because you want to and not just because you have to?

What consumes your thoughts, causing you to be distracted from the here-and-now?

If you could do anything with your financial resources — if you had no limit to your financial resources — where would you invest them?

What experience have you been through that makes you want to crusade for others in a similar situation?

The answers to these questions can hint at your God-given purpose. But keep in mind, that purpose may not manifest in your life now.

God may be doing something in you, through entirely unrelated-to-your-passsion circumstances, to prepare you for what is next.


One simple question to help you find your purpose . . .


The mission I can so clearly articulate about my life today had no words twenty years ago, but looking back, I can see how the passion began burning. Shortly after graduating college, and not long after becoming a Christian, I jumped into serving at my church as a youth leader. My desire to share the love of Christ with those younger than me stemmed from what I didn’t have at their age — this was a passion birthed from my experiences.

Fast forward ten years, and you would have found me no longer working with a youth group a church but rather you would have found me at home and in the throws of parenting littles. My passion seemed so disconnected from my everyday life, as I was only mentoring teens one-on-one, with seriously long dry spells between each precious relationship.

What appeared to be a total disconnect from my calling was really preparation for the next phase.

Can you say the same for your own life?

Parenting with such purpose and devotion, investing in my marriage, and making time for counseling to help me heal from my wounds, prepared me for the next phase of passion-driven ministry and the birth of More to Be.  A year later, I took another leap of faith and became a life coach. Did you know I wasn’t doing it to start a business (which has evolved over the years to what it is today), but rather to develop a skill to use as a mentor?

Within the first few weeks of training, it became clear that God was up to so much more through this 10-week investment. Not only did it change my parenting style for the better, it became abundantly clear that this was what I was made to do. It’s also blossomed into a career that allows room for my priority of serving my family first and foremost, while giving me the opportunity to do what I love . . . help others.

From that leap of faith five years ago until now, it feels like my passion and purposes have been on overdrive. Like Eric Little in Chariots of Fire, I feel God’s pleasure in the ways I get to join Him in His work — as a mom and wife, as a ministry leader and author, as a business owner and life coach. But it’s not always been this way, nor did I see it coming.

God slowly but surely has enabled me to move into a calling I never envisioned, right from my own living room!

Whether I am coaching or teaching the class, writing or speaking, mentoring or working behind the scenes on ministry tasks, folding laundry or tackling the sink full of dishes or helping with homework, my goal is still the same . . .

God show me your purpose in this work right now. Show me what You’re doing so that I can join You in it.

God uses everything, in ways we can’t ever imagine.

Oh, friend, I’m not sure where you are today and how you feel about your God-given purpose. But I do know this: God knows. He sees you. He has a plan for your life. No matter how young or old you are. No matter the good or bad you’ve been through or are presently pressing on through.  God has a purpose and plan at work to redeem, restore, and if necessary, re-route your life for His glory.

Maybe the next step is to use what you’ve been through to help others as a life coach too. Maybe it’s time to turn off the noise and get alone with God to gain clarity. Maybe it’s a leap of faith in a ministry endeavor. Maybe it’s sitting still and waiting to hear his voice before making a move.

Whatever your maybe looks like, I’m praying for God to give you clarity.

I pray that today, you’ll pause and pray to ask God to show you purpose in your life and how to join Him in His work.



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4 thoughts on “One Simple Question to Help You Find Your Purpose”

  1. Thank you for this, Lisa! As a pregnant Christian teen so many years ago, beyond blessed to have a family who loved and supported me, I’ve always had this nudging to help women in crisis pregnancies, but just kind of put that thought on the back burner. Time to heed that prompting, I say!

    1. Sarona, that’s so cool to see how God used this post to move you into a new way of thinking! I’m praying for the next step He’ll lead you to take!!

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