It’s Time to Live Free

As I listened to her unpack the sticky dynamics of her situation, I couldn’t help but want to lunge through the phone to solve her problem. I got it . . . I knew what she was living through. Our circumstances might be different, but the way we processed our experiences were nearly the same.

While advice-giving words were on the tip of my tongue, the Lord gently forced me back into my desk chair. He firmly reminded that my job as her life coach was to give her the space to get to the “ah ha” moment that leads to the solution, and not solve it for her.

But Lord, but . . . she can’t see it.

Yes, you’re right about that, but neither can you.

So Long Captivity, It's Time to Live Free

Gulp. God was right. The very advice I was so tempted to dish out, I didn’t want to take for myself. Wouldn’t you agree, it’s so much easier to solve other people’s problems and not our own. I settled back into my chair and pressed on with questions, asking the Lord to keep my bias from getting in the way:

What makes you feel less than?

What has happened to make feel afraid?

What makes you think that you’ll go back to the way you were and stay there? 

Haven’t you already walked the process of transformation . . . and couldn’t you do that again?

As the questions were rolling off my lips, I could feel the Lord pressing in on my heart, calling me out and challenging me to answer these same questions for myself after our session. Ugh.

Join me at The Better Mom to hear how this client’s session unfolded and what the Lord spoke to me about. It just might be life-changing for you too.

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