Shining Our God-Colors

The Best.

The Most Amazing.

Absolutely the One.

Without question, she’s a shining star.

Three Ways to Help Your Daughter Shine Her God-Colors

Aren’t these the words we crave to hear . . . from just one person in the flesh? We can’t help but want to have our value affirmed by those who know us best. And yet, sometimes all we hear is silence. That’s exactly what my life coaching client admitted when she confessed she simply wanted to be on someone’s top 10 list. Anyone’s. Honestly, I couldn’t blame her for feeling that way. She’s been hard at work in a rewardless field, crusading for a cause that has consumed her life personally and professionally. She often takes the place of second fiddle, not being recognized for her gifts, talents, and insanely valuable contributions. She returns home every evening to unwelcome solitude, wishing and dreaming about there being just one person excited to greet her and sing a sweet word of praise. Isn’t that the cry of all our hearts?

Don’t we want to turn the door handle and enter into a safe-haven of love, support, encouragement, and companionship?

Join me at to unpack what safe-haven looks like and how to pursue the opportunity before us to affirm our girls God-colors and affirm their identity in Christ.


P.S. Mama, did you know it’s just as important for you to embrace this process for yourself? Oh yes, knowing your wiring will free you up to be the BEST mom for your daughter. If you’re interested in knowing more about how the Highlands Assessment partnered with a coaching session can help you, use the pop-up contact form to reach out to me and mentioned MODSquad to get the special rate!

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