How to Determine Your Core Values {Especially for Women in Leadership}

Wouldn’t it be nice if hindsight could be foresight! How often do we find ourselves in situations  in which we “see the wisdom” after the fact? Or discover the purpose after we ignored the warning sign? Or recognize our mistakes after the mishap? Oh yes, hindsight is a powerful teaching tool for next time. But what about right now?

Is there anything we can do to make wiser choices in the face of difficult decisions?

Yes, there is — it’s the simple process of identifying core values and making a habit of keeping them front and center when it comes to ordering priorities and making life-changing decisions.


How to Determine Your Core Values


As I share in Meet the New You: A 21-Day Plan for Embracing Fresh Attitudes and Focused Habits for Real Life Change,“Core values are the silent partner guiding your decision making.” Yes, values determine actions! While “your values are so deeply rooted in your belief system, you may not even know what they are,” there is great potential to establish values on purpose and return to them as a guide when it comes time to making decisions.

For example, not long after launching my new brand for my coaching and leadership development company, complete with a long-term vision for the next three years, I found myself at a crossroads. An opportunity came my way that tugged deep on my heart-strings. It was the type of job in which I resonated with the mission of the organization 100% and could see all my giftings and skill-sets being well used. But it meant giving up everything I had been working toward as an entrepreneur.

I was willing to be willing before the Lord, and told him I would lay it all down to join Him in this new work . . .

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