Getting Brave and Breaking Free

Is it time for you to stop doing what you always do, just because you’ve always done it that way?

Is it time to break free from anything and everything that is keeping you from experience God’s best?

Imagine if you broke free from the strongholds, mindsets, and unhealthy habits that have a grip on your heart and mind . . . a grip that steals joy, robs you of peace, and lays unnecessary burdens on your back.

Maybe it’s because I’m already feeling the freedom of breaking free in this year of brave that I’m willing to challenge you to do the same.


Is it time for you to get braver and break free?


I’ve been taking little faith steps and heeding holy convictions in all sorts of way. To begin with, I broke up with having Facebook on my phone, and then realized why it was such a rough experience. After doing all this research, I was certain that I was addicted to social media and impacted by the Dopamine Loop Effect. That’s why I’ve . . .

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