Drawing Together at the Well

Have you noticed how authentic friendships don’t just happen, but they have to be intentionally and sacrificially pursued?

I’ve had to come to terms with this reality as I adjust to “real” life outside of the boarding school community where my husband and I lived with our family for eighteen years. You can imagine the stark contrast of being immersed in a community where we worked together, worshiped together, played together, and ate together.

While I thoroughly appreciated the luxury of not having to cook dinner, the real gift was the time after dinner in the dining hall, when the students would disperse, our children would run amuck around campus, and the adults would stand around and kibitz, as my Jewish grandmother would say.

I imagine this was much like women gathering at the well to draw water for their families, where  friendships were forged through doing life together.


The Need to Be Seen and Known


When you interact daily, those relationships can’t help but grow deep, as you notice what’s happening beneath the surface.

The familiar lines on her face, the tilt of her head, the way she holds herself, it all tells an honest story beyond the words and leads to authentic relationships where you’re not only seen but also deeply known. In relationships like that, you can’t help but feel like you belong. It’s a priceless experience and one I hope to foster in my new life.

Yet, wouldn’t you agree that the obstacles for cultivating deep friendships are endless?

Being spread across the miles, even in a local township, work hours, family commitments, and homeownership responsibilities draw us apart.

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