Because it is about More than Beauty

Oh this topic of beauty. After two decades of mentoring teenage girls combined with raising my own daughters, I’ve come to see that the quest to define beauty begins early on.

This generation of young and old women alike are grappling with the issue of beauty because it is about more than appearance. The search for beauty is the cry of the female heart longing to feel significant and loved.

Wouldn’t you agree that the question, “Am I beautiful?” masks the underlying longing to know, “Am I worthy?  Lovely?  Good enough?” I know this has been my struggle, as I’ve failed to find my worth in my Creator’s marvelous design and instead take more notice of all my flaws . . . my imperfections in my appearance and those that are most certainly more than skin deep.

More than Skin Deep

Join me at Mothers of Daughters to continue pondering this topic of beauty.

For more on this topic of beauty and identity, check out the Redefining Beauty resources and consider hosting your own Redefining Beauty Event.

The Mosaic: Shine Bright Your God-Colors bible study is also a perfect for engaging the hearts of this generational of girls.


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