Surrendering Our Weakness

Have you recently thought to yourself, “I was not made to do this!”

Maybe it was a normal chore that you can’t stand, like folding laundry or washing the dishes. Or maybe you had that feeling at work as you were tasked for a particular project or in the moment when you’re toddler scraped her knee and you need to muster up your nurturing side to tend to her boo-boo.

Surrendering Our Weakness


Maybe you’ve felt like, “I wasn’t made for this,” because you lacked passion for the task at hand. Maybe it wasn’t about feeling out of place, but rather a fact . . .  you simply didn’t have the knowledge or training to carry out the task you’d been given!

I’ve felt like “I’m not made to do this” all too many times. Being a first-time homeowner in my forties has made me feel like quite the fool when it comes to home care. All the jargon about heating systems and exterminations and taxes and . . . well, the list goes on and on. I’ve felt equally out of my element in preparing meals and learning how to cook, after emerging from our boarding school life. The same feelings of inadequacy overwhelmed me in dealing with the financial and legal pieces that go along with relocating a business and running a non-for-profit conference for the first time.

A lack of knowledge and experience can make us feel helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed.  

The real problem is that our lack of “knowing” rubs our pride in all sorts of uncomfortable ways. Who wants to admit they don’t know the answer . . . or worse yet . . . made a wrong decision that now needs to be fixed? Who wants to ask for help and admit a lack of understanding?

But isn’t it true that we’re never going to know everything about everything?

We are designed to need one another.

This need is part of how we fulfill our role in the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12). While we bring to the table our experiences and knowledge, our gifts and talents, and our strengths and weaknesses, our “lack of” is an opportunity to depend upon what somebody else can offer.

I witnessed this so beautifully as I’ served on the Kingdom Hearts conference board. It is not a one-woman show! As a team, we learned from each other, grew with each other, and challenged one another in our areas of weakness while supporting each other’s strengths.

So in what ways is God using your “lack of” for the sake of allowing someone else to step up and into your life?

How is your area of weakness, whether in skill, knowledge, or temperament, an opportunity for God to show His provisions?

Our weaknesses enable us to see God at work in ways we might otherwise miss.

Of course, that means we need to identify our weaknesses and surrender them to Him. That’s what this month’s downloadable worksheet will enable you to do, so be sure to grab it and take time to consider the questions prayerfully and purposefully. Ask God to speak to your heart and reveal the ways He wants to work in your weaknesses to display His glory.

Want to journey deeper with God and discover how He wants to use you?

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