This Is for the Brokenhearted and Alone

You, dear one, are so far from alone.

No matter how far from home you find yourself today. No matter if the sun is shining or your heart is breaking. No matter the raging fears, the never-ending tears, or how many times you feel alone in a crowd.

There is a hand to hold. Someone is reaching out, calling your name.

Have courage. Be brave. Send a text or make a phone call if you can, but if not, just call out. He hears, and because He promises to never ever leave your side, you aren’t alone even when no one else is around.

I’ve searched for love, chased after hopes and dreams and people and things, all to come up empty inside, no matter how full my life appeared. You can hold up your accomplishments and trophies, your GPA or your Pinterest projects, and none of it will ever show the condition of your heart. You can have all the success in the world and yet feel like you can barely draw breath.


This is for the Brokenhearted and Alone


When your Jesus-loving, God-fearing community walks away and you can barely wipe your face before more tears roll down, and when the floor has imprints of your knees from so many moments when you just couldn’t get back up, there is no circled date or calendar count-down until when you’ll easily breathe again.

If a broken heart is the only thing you feel and if you find yourself crying more than smiling, this is what I want you to hear: no matter the hurt or the bleeding, beating heart of yours, God is holding you close to His side, close to His bleeding, beating heart for you.

His love never fails, never ends, never walks away, never closes the door, never gives up, never tires, and never ever leaves you alone. His love will carry you through your darkest night.

I know this because I have lived this. It is my story.

I have fallen with no one there to encourage, grab my hand, and help me back up. I have been broken, been cut deep, and felt like my heart could bleed straight out. And you know, this is what I found: He is faithful – at all times, in all ways, in all things.

He will never leave you, no matter what place you find yourself in.

He has loved you all your life and He isn’t going to stop or let go or fail you now.


God's love never fails.


When the rain keeps pouring down and you don’t see anyone around – you aren’t alone.  When the night gets darker and your worries grow larger – even still, you aren’t alone. When the tears fall heavy and your fears are many – you aren’t alone.

Reach up. Cry out. Slow down and listen.

Do you hear your name? He’s there, calling for you, His daughter.

When the world runs out, He runs in. When your heart feels like it might burst wide open, His love fills the holes. When you’ve forgotten how to breathe, He will be your oxygen.

Hold on, dear one.

You aren’t alone.

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