Being the Broken-Redeemed

Did you know that God took me from being an “as is” woman who was nothing but angry, bitter, and unforgiving, and turned me into one who loves more freely, forgives more easily, and embraces the messes of life with a whole lot more grace?

Oh yes, He transformed me from the inside out, but His work is not yet done.

I still mess up and fall into the ways that once marked my normal . . . screaming over spilt milk, hollering about a pigsty bedroom, pitching fits over another change in the schedule. But when I become a hot-mess now, it’s because I’m simply just a hot mess as my flesh gives way to sin. In the past, my sin was triggered so often by all that was stored up in my heart. I didn’t know I need to unload it all before the Lord, and honestly, it was too daunting of a process to undertake on my own.


Being the Broken Redeemed

Join me over at The Better Mom as I unpack what it looks like to be the broken-redeemed. Yes, my friend, there is hope found in Christ. There is promise of transformation ahead through the power of God at work in us.

You don’t have to journey on alone, either. Here’s encouragement that may be exactly what you need. Why not invite a friend to embrace the journey together?

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