Be Generous. Be Kind. Love Well.

Do you find that the turn in seasons motivates you to think more intentionally about your purpose and goals? I’m not sure if I’m that way because I’m married to a teacher and our lives fall into quarterly rhythms or if it is a result of being a long-term thinker.


As this past summer was approaching, I found myself asking God for direction for how to use my time, not only in the weeks ahead but also the coming fall. At the heart of the matter, I wanted to make sure to find some semblance of balance, especially with a big writing deadline hitting in August and my oldest heading off to college just a few weeks later.

It’s so easy to let time slip us by and leave us with regret. Have you felt this way?

Let love be your highest goal.

I started with my business hat on, choosing to prayerfully set some practical goals so that I could make wise decisions about where to invest my time and not allow the big-idea girl inside of me sabotage my schedule. But instead of arriving at action list, the Lord impressed upon me three guiding principles:

1) Be Generous

2) Be Kind

3) Love Well


Join me at The Better Mom to continue reading and see what the Lord revealed to me about these three principles.

I think you’ll  be encouraged to apply them in your life too!


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