Do you crave spiritual growth? The R.A.W. Scripture Study Method is for you!

Do you struggle to find time to study Scripture in a meaningful way?

Are you distracted from getting into the Word, especially with so much else that needs to be done?

Maybe you crave spiritual growth, but reading your Bible doesn’t seem to translate into evidence of the investment of your time.

Is it time to make Scripture study a part of your life?


Although I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior in college, it was years before I actually began reading my Bible for myself. Sure, I’d pick it up from time to time, looking for a verse that related to a particular challenge or trial. I’d browse the concordance hoping to find an answer. But I wasn’t committed to a daily time of reading Scripture because as a young Christian, I didn’t realize that should be a part of my faith practice and I didn’t know where to start. It wasn’t until my friend challenged me to get real with God that I learned for the first time that daily Bible reading was key to growing in my faith.

We can’t hear from God if we don’t know His voice.

We can’t use the wisdom He provides us with, if we don’t learn the wisdom He conveys to us in Scripture.

We can’t experience the blessings that come from obeying the Word if we don’t know the Word we’re called to obey.

Experiencing growth in our faith is utterly dependent on the discipline of daily Bible reading.

There is no other way around it. Just like we can’t grow physically stronger without engaging in a strength-training exercise routine, we won’t grow spiritually stronger without studying Scripture.

It’s the long-haul investment that bears the results.

So, if you’re willing to take the first step and start the process of spiritual growth, we’ve got a Scripture study method that makes the process simple for you!

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How does the R.A.W. Scripture Study Method work?

This R.A.W. Scripture study method is super simple! It provides you with a pattern for studying a particular verse within the context of the chapter for three days in a row. Each week provides you with two key verses that correlate to the monthly theme. For each verse, spend three days in study, such as:

  • Monday: R – READ the verse in context in the chapter.
  • Tuesday: A – Consider how the verse APPLIES to your life today.
  • Wednesday:  W – WRITE out the key verse as a way to remember the Scripture.

Repeat the pattern for the second verse on Thursday through Saturday, and take Sunday off. You can feel free to shift the three-day pattern to whatever works best for you.

Each month, you can swing by More to Be for the next themed calendar. To make sure you don’t miss a new calendar, sign up to receive the next month’s calendar in your inbox!

If you’re ready to experience spiritual growth and experience the presence of God in a fresh way, then there is no better investment of your time then getting into Scripture.

This R.A.W. Scripture Study Method is exactly what you need to take that next step.R.A.W. Scripture Study Method

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