Live Your Faith, Part 2 {Podcast 117}

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Join Elisa Pulliam and Angela Sackett on the second part of this special episode of the More to Be Podcast for an inspiring and faith-infusing interview with Sarah Eremic.

Sarah is an example of steadfast faith and resiliency in the face of suffering. She models a passion for sharing the Gospel through everyday relationships grown through hospitality and mentorship. In this second part of the episode, she gives examples of walking through suffering, fighting to receive joy, and looking to see how God might use you to fill needs around you.


“I see a warrior of God when I look at you (Sarah). You’re not saying it’s easy to walk through those things… but you have a steadfastness in your faith that inspires me to be like you in that steadfastness.” -Elisa “Franklin (Graham) turned out okay, and Billy (Graham) endured.” We need the stories of God’s people enduring for the glory of God. – Elisa “You can’t do it by gritting your teeth and getting through. You have to feel pain, if you’re ever going to help this person down the road.” -Sarah

'We have to learn through our suffering, otherwise, we shove off from God and we become bitter. One telltale sign of bitterness is comparison.' - SarahClick To Tweet   Living Your Faith, Part 2 - Podcast Episode 117 “God’s people wrestled with Him. Use His words – pray God’s Word back to Him.” – Sarah “I’m going to accept, with joy, where you have me.” -Angela “There are some periods of deep grief, whereas hard as you try, the word joy is foreign to you… hang on for dear life.” Sometimes we have to fight for joy. -Sarah “The only things I asked the Lord for, I didn’t get. Now there’s a chance for bitterness.” -Sarah “I don’t sit there waiting for a chance to explain the way of salvation. That very rarely ever comes… I’m earning the right to speak into their lives. I’m learning the right, as a friend.” -Sarah There are questions I might always ask God, but I don't need the answers to trust God. - Sarah on the More to Be Podcast
'We might not like God's sovereignty at moments, but we can cling to it.' - SarahClick To Tweet “There are questions I might always ask God, but I don’t need the answers to trust God.” – Sarah “Theology is so important for women — there is a need for a bedrock theology about God’s plan for our lives. We have to have a strong theological base as women.” – Sarah  

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