Finding Sanity in the Middle of Busy

Is busy your normal? Do you find yourself running from commitment to commitment, praying you can get all that you need to complete done between appointments?

I get it, sister.

As a work-from-home momma, running a business and ministry, there are times in which I log 50 hours a week at my computer, and that doesn’t include the hour of Netflix my husband and I enjoy most evenings.

I work both because I love what I do and also need to provide financially for our family.

Maybe you find yourself in the same place.

Yet love and need doesn’t always equal sane.

Find Sanity in the Middle of Busy


There’s definitely a tension point to find the balance — some weeks it’s great and others weeks, well not so much.

Can you relate?

I often get asked, “How do you do it all?” Well, I don’t.

So I thought it might encourage you to know what I let go of, delegate, and make time for each week.

Let Go . Delegate . Carve Out .

We can’t do it all. But we can do what works for us as we let go of expectations, delegate responsibilities (a.k.a, team up), and carve out time for habits and hobbies that refuel us. 

What does that look like exactly? For me it takes shape like this:

  • I don’t fold a single item of clothing.
    Instead, since the kids were 8 or so, if they asked to watch TV, I say yes only if they fold a load of laundry . . . to the best of their ability.
  • I don’t cook every night. Instead, I focus on two home-made meals a week and repurpose for the other nights. Yes, I’m the leftover queen!
  • I don’t exercise every day.
    Instead, I try to get two really good workouts in a week, and supplement with three 30-minute or less walks or yoga videos.
  • I don’t socialize a whole lot.
    I do invest weekly in either Bible study, hosting a fellowship time, or meeting a friend for a walk or cup of coffee.
  • I don’t chat on the phone very much.
    Unless I’m in the car playing chauffeur or tackling a home chore, I’m not usually on the phone unless it is with a coaching client (and I love that time). But I do use Voxer to stay connected with women who refill my soul with prayer, accountability, and celebrating God’s goodness in our lives.
  • I don’t clean the house by myself.
    It’s a whole family effort and doesn’t happen on a schedule but rather when we need to make it happen. I’ve had to let go of my standard of clean, and this is daily struggle for me!
  • I don’t grocery shop by myself.
    It’s a date night or kid-time endeavor, usually including some sweet treat!
  • I do use Trello to keep track of everything for work, ministry, and family life.
    Seriously, Trello enables me to walk away from work and not worry about where I left off. And I use a ton of post-it notes to keep the urgent in front of my face for both work and home details.
  • I do make time to be in the Word each day, Lord willing.
    My goal is to read one chapter and fill up about one journal page with my prayer requests or writing out Scripture.
  • I do take a break from work on Sundays.
    I love to take a nap or watch TV with the fam, and I try to usher in that rest by late Saturday afternoons.
  • I am learning to been intentional to do things that bring me joy.
    I’m learning that life doesn’t always have to be productive.  In the last few months I’ve been playing with hand lettering and watercolors again, but it requires keeping the “tools” out on the dining room table and being willing to do just 15 minutes after dinner a couple nights a week! Wow, that’s been great for my soul!

I know our lives might be polar opposites, but I hope these ideas inspire you to adjust your expectations and walk in grace as you seek to do what God has before you each day.


Let Go. Delegate . Carve Out.

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