How to Create Family Culture

I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new podcast and ministry, The Family Culture Project, started by my friend, coaching client, and More to Be contributing writer, Kimberly Amici. She and her husband have come together to equip you in developing a family culture that resonates with your values and vision for your family.

On this episode of The Family Culture Project Podcast, Kim and I chat about what to do when you’re spouse is not on board — meaning, what happens when you are pushing for a particular kind of culture but your spouse isn’t seeing things quite the same way.

In my case, the one thing my husband and I have agreed upon is our family culture. Our struggle, however, is that we’re as different as night and day, so the way we go about life requires a whole lot of intentionality and often compromise. Maybe that’s where you’re at. Or maybe you’re wondering what exactly family culture looks like? Well, this episode is a great starting place.

Learn more about The Family Culture Project and listen to this episode here.

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