Counting Our Blessings {Podcast #209}

Is it easy for you to count your blessings? Or could you use some help in cultivating an attitude of gratitude all year long? 

There are certain seasons when everyday challenges make being thankful feel like an impossible feat. And for some of us, thankfulness isn’t quite our personality bent. No matter how you’re wired or what situation you find yourself in, this episode on Counting Your Blessings will be sure to inspire you as we focus on the gift of God’s grace upon grace.

Counting Our Blessings, Episode #209



On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, Kalie and I dig into the Word, turning to John 1 as the launching point for our chat about counting our blessings. I know that might not seem like a logical place to start, but it turns out to be a wonderful place to land as we ponder the abundance we find in Christ. Our conversation weaves in and out of ideas for how to practice gratitude in your life, specifically pointing to God’s provisions and praising Him for them. You’ll be inspired to count your blessings throughout the Thanksgiving season and all year long.

The power of light is greater than the power of darkness. – Elisa

We can’t be women of God if we’re not in the Word of God. – Elisa

Abundance . . . grace upon grace already given. – Elisa

Grace upon grace. It keeps stacking up through what Jesus has given us. – Kalie

Suggestions for Counting Your Blessings

  1. “How did God show up” Friday night tradition
  2. Hi & Lows at Meal Time
  3. Time Capsule at New Years
  4. Stones of Remembrance with a vase and rocks
  5. Photo Wall documenting God’s faithfulness
  6. Photo Documenting through social media

More to Be - Scripture Reading

Scripture Focus

  • John 1
  • Psalm 78

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