Surrendering to God’s Plans {Podcast #205}

What is your natural response when you’ve prayed and prayed and waited and waited, but God’s ways don’t match your wants?

Do you struggle to surrender to the Lord’s plans for your life?

In this episode of the More to Be Podcast, we’re joined by former co-host and dear friend, Angela Sackett for a chat about surrendering to the Lord’s plans. We do spend a good time talking about releasing our adult children to the Lord, since we’ve already experienced releasing our dreams, our homes, our careers, and callings. But this episode isn’t just for moms! It’s for all of us to lean into God’s purposes and join together in the journey of trusting God with our best.

Just a head’s up that this one is a long one, as you know what happens when Angela and I get together! There just was no breaking point, especially as around the 28-minute mark, I dove right into sharing my struggle with anger and how I’ve found hope in God’s redemptive hand. And, in case you want to see our dogs, you’ll have to check out our Instagram feeds to catch glimpse of Olive and Toby.

We apologize for the “static buzz” you’ll hear at different points.
Turns out the uber special mic had an issue with the new computer.

Want to know how to surrender to God's plans? #Moretobe #Podcast #BeTransformed


God is worthy to be in charge. He is all knowing. All powerful. Worthy of our truth. – Angela

My blessing is His very presence. – Angela

Truth without grace is condemnation, grace without truth is compromise. – Elisa

Living in the skin we’re in, in the places He’s given us, with a heart bent toward His ways. – Elisa

You are God and I am not, and that’s okay. – Angela

Contentment comes through saying “yes” to where God has us. – Elisa


Truth without grace is condemnation. Grace without truth is compromise. Listen to the #Moretobe #Podcast to discover how this manifests in your life and what you can do about.


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  • Job 11:7-19
  • Jeremiah 29:4-14
  • Psalm 37:1-11

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