There is No Fear {Podcast 211}

What makes fear rise up in you, threatening to steal all joy?

Is it the kind of fear linked with anxiety, especially when life feels out of control?

Is it the fear that floods your emotions when you think about your loved ones getting hurt?

Maybe you’re greatest fears are directly tied to what others think of you, like the fear of rejection or criticism.

No More Fear {Because Love Goes Deeper}, Podcast Episode 211


On this episode of the More to Be Podcast, Kalie and I chatted about our personal struggle with fear and the way God calls us to step out of our comfort zones, not in a risky and irresponsible way, but in response to God’s perfect love. You’ll find this episode packed with biblical application and a fresh perspective on how God’s love really does expel fear.


Stop borrowing trouble from tomorrow. Live in the moment. – Elisa

We might know the truth but hearing it from someone else. – Kalie


You are loved by God. - More to Be Podcast #Christian #women #Godslove


You don’t have fear without anxiety. You don’t have anxiety without fear. But you can bully the lies back with the truth. – Elisa

Pain shared is pain divided. Fear shared is fear divided. – Kalie


Pain shared is pain divided. Fear shared is fear divided. More to Be Podcast, Episode 211. #Christian #women #bettertogether


If we know that we are loved by God, why does anything else matter? – Elisa

We’re evaluating God’s love for us based on other’s love for us. – Elisa


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  • 1 John 4
  • Ephesians 6
  • Romans 7

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