Fasting from Sugar, Feasting on Jesus with Wendy Speake {Podcast #216}

Could you imagine spending 40 days fasting from sugar while feasting on Jesus?

Maybe you’ve never fasted before.

Maybe feasting on Jesus sounds a little weird.

Maybe you’re not sure that you can say no to sugar much less anything else that has a stronghold over you.

Well, sister, you’re not alone.

That’s where I was 365 days ago.

But God allowed me to get so desperate with my health in order to discover an area of my heart that needed grave attention. In July 2018, I dove into a Whole30 journey to get to the root cause of my health issues, only to discover that behind the health was a heart desperately in need of attention. I was addicted to sugar and comfort food was my idol of security. As the truth burst forth, I knew there was no going back.

Six months later, I’m not only 25 pounds lighter, but I’m also spiritually and emotionally freer — and that by-product is worth the journey. My sugar dragon still wants to dominate, but in Christ, I’ve found the power to say no. I’ve found the strength and motivation to say no.

I’ve found freedom in Christ that I never tasted before. No pun intended.

The invitation stands before you, my friend to embrace freedom too.

Fasting From Sugar, Feasting on Jesus with Wendy Speake, Episode 216


Come join me on the 40-day Sugar Fast led by author, speaker, and this episode’s special guest, Wendy Speake, which kicks off on January 7, 2019.

Even if you don’t believe sugar is your issue, I urge you to join in this season of discovering how to feast more on Jesus and less on everything else. Wendy has prepared for you a soul-deep journey through God’s Word and a community steeped in authenticity and accountability. I’m grateful to be on the leadership team this year and experience my first sugar fast with Wendy.

On this episode, Wendy and I chat about what fasting is and is not, what causes hangups in our fasting endeavors, and how to break strongholds through fasting. Wendy is a grace-filled guide filled with holy boldness. You’ll not want to miss out on this opportunity and you’ll want to bookmark it for future reference. It is that good, especially for those us of who need to learn and practice fasting as a spiritual discipline. I pray you’ll be as blessed as I am to sit under Wendy’s teaching.



When we empty ourselves of the things we think we need, He reveals the very things we actually need. – Wendy

What is fasting? Don’t eat. Get hungry. Let God show you He is faithful. – Wendy

When we fast on that which is temporary we feast on that which is eternal. – Wendy

Jesus is our true power source. – Wendy

Anything we can’t live without is an idol. – Elisa

When we fast on that which is temporary we feast on that which is eternal. - Wendy Speake on the #Moretobe #Podcast

Whatever is that we consume, we’re consumed by. – Wendy

I had a heart problem, not a health problem. – Elisa

You have a God-shaped hole in your heart that can only be filled by Jesus. – Wendy

We run to comfort food when we could run to the comforter. – Wendy


We can ask God to manifest His power in us at any time, on any day, in any need, and under any circumstance.

We can ask God’s power to manifest in us at any time, any day, in any need, under any circumstance. – Elisa

The fast reveals the stronghold. – Elisa

Strongholds stop us from experiencing the stronghold of Christ. – Wendy


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