No More Unrealized Potential

Is it possible that you’re living with unrealized potential because you’re trapped by your insecurities?

Well, you’re not alone.

We can be Christ-following, Bible-teaching women who are wholeheartedly devoted to God and yet we’re caught in the enemy’s grip as we believe his lies.

Those lies are sown into our minds by the enemy, often through experiences in which we were wounded, and they hold us back from joining God in his work today (John 10:10).

Girl, Just Say No to Unrealized Potential


I should know! Since fifth grade, I’ve lived with the fear of being seen, no thanks to being made fun of in middle school by my peers and later being reprimand by an extended family member that I was “getting fat.” It didn’t help that I battled with cystic acne early in my teen years and it carried well into my twenties. I used to try to hide my face behind my long hair. Maybe you did too.

Even though my acne eventually cleared and the weight gain slowed down, my insecurities pressed on. I lived with a constant fear of getting fat and being judged. I secretly thought, “If just lose the extra weight, I wouldn’t be afraid anymore.”

Well, I recently lost “all that weight” and much more in my journey to solve my health issues. I’m more than a size smaller now, yet losing the weight didn’t change my mindset or eradicate my fears of being seen!

How we see ourselves is all about what we believe about ourselves.

Oh, this is not a new thought for me. Maybe it’s not for you either. We have to take captive our thoughts and invite God to speak truth to our souls so that we can think biblically and live transformed (1 Corinthians 10:5, Romans 12:2).

What we believe about ourselves as a result of what we believe about what God says about us is what determines how we live.

We get to decide if insecurities and fears and worries and doubts will continue to keep us from joining God in His kingdom work.

I’ve decided that I’m done hiding, skirting away from the opportunities to encourage you in this online social media world because I don’t feel pretty enough to get on camera. You might have seen me on Facebook lives and Instastories, but I’ve dreaded every bit of it and avoided it at all cost, even though I know one of my giftings is biblical teaching and speaking!

Yep, my insecurity, as crazy as it might seem, has undermined the potential be a catalyst of God’s love to you and a source of truth and hope. I’m not letting that go on one more day.

What about you? Will you join me in this mission to discover your unrealized potential and live brave together?

It’s time to declare to Satan, “No more. From this day forward, I will live boldly and bravely in the truth, seeking to join God in His everyday work and be part of His Kingdom impact.”

This article originally appeared at The Better Mom.

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