Showing Up Ready

Did you know that when you make a commitment to work at a boarding school, you’re inherently saying yes to wearing many hats?

You might be hired to teach science, but before the ink is dried on the contract, you’ll discover you’re also doing things like coaching the hurdlers on girl’s varsity track. Yes, it was quite a feat my husband took on without a complaint, even though he never ran track a day in his life.


Showing Up Ready


I’m pretty sure Stephen didn’t let on to his athletes that they knew more than he did.

Instead, he focused on putting in time behind the scenes, studying the sport of hurdling using the stack books and videos he checked out of the library, since YouTube wasn’t yet a thing.

One might say it was his stellar effort that led to a great season, but in reality, it was a partnership with the girls who were equally dedicated, teachable, and motivated.

They showed up prepared to run, with their track shoes on and minds in gear.

They showed up willing to learn, listening to critique on their technique so they could improve.

They showed up motivated to win, believing that was a goal worth pursuing.

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