Becoming Brave Together {Podcast 300}

Are you as excited as we are about kicking-off season three of the More to Be Podcast?

What a moment to celebrate God’s faithfulness and provision since beginning the podcast in January 2018. It’s a privilege to serve you this way and we look forward to bringing you Scripture-steeped episodes to help you think biblically and live transformed. For Season 3, you can expect a new, 45 to 55-minute episode released every other week. We decided that in our busy lives, finding an extra hour to listen to an episode every week is pretty hard to do. However, if you’re an every week kind of gal, we encourage you to go back to the beginning and re-listening to all the episodes as your time allows! Be sure to let us know how the Holy Spirit reveals to you something brand new!


Becoming Brave Together with Elisa Pulliam and Kalie Kelch, More to Be Podcast Episode 300 #ChristianWomen #MoreToBe #BibleStudy


On this first episode of season 3, Kalie Kelch joins me again to chat about where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how to live to brave together with each other . . . specifically, how we’re using Brave Together as our study guide in the More to Be Tribe Facebook group this year. If you’ve not yet joined us, we’d love to have you jump on in here!

In this episode, I also unpack the beautiful of biblical mentoring and fostering parakaleo relationships peer to peer and older to younger. We head back to Titus 2 for a refresher on mentoring as well as diving into the description of what church should look like in Acts 2 and then turn to Romans 12 unpack how to live out love with one another. This episode will cast a vision for how you can grow even more devoted to God and those He has perfectly placed in your life.



We’re fighting together as warriors in a battle standing together against an advancing force. – Kalie

We’re sisters, standing shoulder to shoulder! – Kalie

We are answering the call to be women devoted to God and His Word and living it out together. – Lisa

At the end of the day, God’s provisions and faithfulness becomes apparent when we do life together. – Lisa

Love with abandon, even if they never say "thank you." - Kalie Kelch on the More to Be Podcast Episode 300

Just pick up one starfish and throw it back in the ocean. – Kalie

Expect the relationship to grow for a season but not a lifetime. – Elisa

Invest in that one person, that one family, and watch what God will do. – Kalie

Love with abandon, even if they never say thank you. – Kalie

Will you join me in answering the call to be women devoted to God and His Word . . . living it out together?


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  • Titus 2
  • Acts 2
  • Romans 12

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