How to Walk Out Marketplace Ministry

Do you lead a ministry? Serve as a speaker? Work as a coach?
Then this episode on the Mimika TV Podcast is for you.
Mimika Cooney and I chat about what it looks like to run a business that is ministry base. I share with her the mistakes I’ve made and the conclusions I’ve drawn through the lessons God has graciously led me through.
How to Walk Out Marketplace Ministry
I pray this will help you find joy in your missional work and lead your ministry with a business mindset that is guilt-free and grace-giving.

Cultivate a Missional Marketing Mindset

If you’re ready to get serious about your work and ministry, then your next step is to cultivate a missional marketing mindset. The Ignite Missional Marketing Simplified Course is designed to help you build your ministry, business or platform fully surrendered to God while stewarding it well. You can also benefit from the Biz Coaching and Intensive opportunities, which includes free access to the Ignite course.
Ignite Missional Marketing Simplified Course


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