Fighting for Marriages with Cherie Zack {Podcast 305}

Have you given up hope on saving your marriage?

Do you feel like you’ll never figure out how to be in a healthy relationship with your spouse?

Would you like to help an extended family member or friend rescue their marriage?


Fighting for Marriages with Cherie Zack on the More to Be Podcast, Episode #305

While the focus of our ministry at More to Be isn’t solely on marriages, the state of marriages certainly impacts our kingdom-focused ministry. So on this episode of the More to Be Podcast, I’ve invited my good friend Cherie Zack, founder of Fighting for Your Marriage, to share with us her story and why she started a ministry devoted to helping wives fight for their marriages. She offers us not only hope through unraveling the details of her journey but a tremendously valuable perspective on how to allow God to work in our hearts before we expect Him to work in our husbands.

I also share a part of my story as it relates to my own marriage and how God took me at the most desperate moment and reroute my vision as a wife through a divine appointment.

This episode is filled with encouragement and practical insight, but there is one problem! The recording is not great due to a poor internet connection and a tech snafu. So, I hope you’ll push through the listening challenge to glean the wisdom Cherie offers.


You can not fight for your rights and save your marriage. – Cherie

I choose to stay in the fight because God showed me a vision for what my marriage could be. – Cherie

Be still and know that I am God.

 Tell God. Release expectations. Ask for help. Wait expectantly. #MoreToBe #Podcast #ChristianWomen #Marriage

I had to learn how to let go of me and hold onto God. – Cherie

I thought the fight was against my husband, but it was not. – Cherie


God doesn't see the labels that others put on us. - Cherie Zack #MoreToBe #Podcast #ChristianWomen #Marriage


Sometimes we have to give up our preference in order to demonstrate respect in a tangible way. – Elisa

There was a deeper purpose that God has taken me through as I fought for my marriage. – Cherie

Our husbands and children need a safe place. – Cherie

Sometimes we have to give up our preferences in order to demonstrate respect in a tangible way. #MoreToBe #Podcast #ChristianWomen #Marriage

The very things God says you are, are true affirmations of who you are to God. – Cherie

We are welcomed to go through His gates and stand in God’s presence. – Cherie

God doesn’t see the labels that others put on us. – Cherie


 Be still and know that I am God. #MoreToBe #Podcast #ChristianWomen #Marriage


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