Choose Joy with Laura Pedersen {Podcast 307}

What does it looking like to choose joy in the middle of suffering?

How can you find joy again after losing those closest to you?

Chose Joy with Laura Pedersen on the More to Be Podcast #307


We tackle these questions and more on this episode of the More to Be Podcast. I’m joined by the founder of the Choose Joy Foundation, Laura Pedersen, which was established in honor of her sister, Sara Frankl. Some of you might remember joy advocate, Sara, as the blogger chronicling her faith alongside her journey with a debilitating illness and necessary isolation, at Gitzen Girl.

At the age of 38, Sara went home to be with the Lord, and her sister, Laura, took up the mantle of carrying her Choose Joy message forward, all the while putting into practice what Sara preached as she faced a battle with breast cancer.

It was an honor to spend time with Laura and unpack the promises found in God’s Word. We talked about what it looks like to live out our faith as spiritual beings in human bodies committed to kingdom work. You’ll walk away from this episode not only encouraged by the wisdom Laura shares but encouraged by her retelling of her sister’s and father’s faith. This family leads with the Word as their banner. May we all take note and commit to doing the same.


If we take “I” out and put “God” in, we’ll see our lives start to transform in ways we never thought were possible. – Laura

Our pain can become an opportunity to point people to Jesus. – Elisa

All I have is God. – Sara Frankl

If we take "I" out and put "God" in, we'll see our lives start to transform in ways we never thought were possible.

The most important word in “choose joy” isn’t “joy” – it is “choose.” – Sara Frankl

In the stillness, we are taught. – Laura

Until you face your own mortality, you don’t quite understand the journey. – Laura

Making no choice is actually a choice. - Elisa Pulliam on the #MoretoBe #Podcast, Episode #307

It’s not about me; it’s about Him. – Sara Frankl

Making no choice is actually a choice. – Elisa

How are you using your resources for His good and glory? – Laura

We’re spiritual beings, but here on this earth to live out a human existence. – Laura’s Dad

God, I ask you that I would have an open mind, humble heart, and faithful feet. – Laura

The most important word in "choose joy" isn't "joy." It's "choose." - Sara Frankl


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  • Romans 8

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