Be the Love, Sister {Podcast 312}

What does it look like to be the love of God in this world?

Have you felt like you can’t be God’s love because you don’t have it for yourself?

Well, sister, you’re not alone. Being God’s love can be overwhelming without understanding what His love full looks like. So in this season 3 finale episode, we tackle this topic of God’s love as we circle back in a review of all that we’ve studied and discussed over the past six months.

From our launching point of studying the Proverbs 31 woman to where we find ourselves today, Kalie and I consider how God’s love is the gateway to freedom . . . the kind of freedom that enables us to become who He intended as we fix our minds on truth instead of feelings.


Be the Love, Sister, Podcast Episode #312


Speaking of the mind, this episode is also loaded with information about the way our brains works. You’ll not want to miss out on this science-rich teaching moment, as I share what I’ve learned about brain development, trauma, and the way God goes about healing our neurological pathways, which enables us to be loved by Him as we build healthy relationships with others.


How we’re living out our faith and God’s love is going to impact everyone we’re doing life with. – Elisa

The King of the Universe loves you! – Kalie

God's love is the gateway to freedom. #Moretobe #Podcast #ChristianWomen #BibleStudy

We have to look at God’s love NOT through the lens of our broken relationships. – Elisa

It only takes one conversation, one interaction with one person to believe that we’re not loveable. – Elisa

You are loved. You are lovable. You are love-able.

You are loved. You are lovable. You are love-able. #MoreToBe #Podcast #ChristianWomen #BibleStudy #lovable #GodsLove

It comes down to faith and trust that God loves us. – Kalie

We learn enough bad information by age six to shape us for the rest of our lives. – Elisa


Don't believe what you feel. The enemy will do everything to discount God's love for us. #MoreToBe #Podcast #ChristianWomen #BibleStudy

By God’s grace, He can heal us in ways we can’t even understand why we were wounded. – Elisa


While we learn enough bad information by age six to shape us for the rest of our life, we have the ability to choose to think and act differently than we were taught. Discover how on this #MoreToBe #Podcast for #ChristianWomen #BibleStudy on the go!

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